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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

 “The Coming King” ®

Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.

A 105% life-size bronze sculpture, “The Coming King”Ⓡ, was created out of Bronze in 2000 by artist by Max G. Greiner, Jr. of Kerrville, Texas. The sculpture represents Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Messiah of the Jews, returning glory at the end of time to judge the world for hurting His children and rejecting His sacrifice on the cross. Jesus is the gentle Lamb of God now, but He is returning soon as the powerful Lion of Judah.

Sculpture donated by Max & Sherry Greiner, and anonymous friends in Houston Texas.

The Composition

“The Coming King”® artwork depicts Jesus Christ as a mighty warrior, the “Lion of Judah.” The Scripture says the Messiah will return in wrath to execute judgment on all those who have hurt His children and rejected His love. This will be the most intense time of all human history, the climax of time itself.

Every detail of Max’s artistic composition is mentioned in Scripture. Nothing has been added or omitted because of “artistic license.” To his knowledge, no other artist in history has ever created sculpture of this dramatic moment. Max believes God wanted him to create a Biblically accurate image of Jesus as a strong, masculine warrior.

The Commission

On June 8, 1998, Max was giving a tour of his new studio/home to Pastor/Evangelist, Richard Schumann. As the two men walked upstairs, Richard suddenly asked, “ What’s next, the coming king?” At that moment Max looked toward his future sculpting area. In that instant, he saw a “vision” of a life-size sculpture of Jesus, reared back on a horse, with a sword raised high, His robe blowing back like a cape. Stunned by the “vision,” Max prayed with Richard that God would confirm if this was a “divine” commission. They both sensed it was.

Five weeks later in Dallas, TX, on July 14, 1998, a stranger at the Christian Booksellers Convention offered Max $400,000 to create a different sculpture of Christ for his company. Max prayed with the man that God would confirm His will in the matter. Max next prayed with his wife, Sherry for a clear “Word” of direction from God. Two hours later, as the couple waited with thousands of other people to board buses to the hotels, a man yelled out to Max. He yelled that what God wanted Max to next make is a sculpture of Jesus returning in glory on a white horse! The man was a Messianic Jew, Richard Honorof. During the next 48 hours, God provided Max with three more dramatic supernatural confirmations from different people, so he turned down the $400,000 commission to obey God! Click here to learn more about the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” and “How to Become Empowered with these gifts.

Bronze Sculpture Signed & Numbered Edition

The Creation Process

Max immediately began to pray and plan for the creation of the life-size sculpture, as seen in his “vision,” even though there was no funding for the massive, three-year project. Preliminary sketches, models, and consultation with theologians, and Messianic Jews followed lengthy research of the Scriptures. Max began work on a 1/6 life-size “maquette” version of the sculpture in August of 1998.

On March 7, 1999, an amazing miracle happened to the Greiner family. The visible “Shekinah Glory” of God began to form in their studio/home, first on the floor, then on the walls and door of Max’s prayer closet. Click here to learn more about the “Shekinah Glory Dust Miracle.” Then the supernatural manifestation, which looks like fine glitter dust, spread to the rest of the house & started forming on the skin and clothing of the Greiner family. The “Glory Dust” also materialized on other people, as the Greiners shared about Jesus. Scientists at Texas A&M University tested the unusual particles and stated: “The particles were not naturally occurring (on earth) and were a new, created substance.” Max has electron microscope photographs of the unusual particles.

At 9:20 PM, on October 12, 1999, as Max put the finishing touches on the 1/6 life-size wax sculpture, the horse’s foot instantly turned golden! To his astonishment, Max discovered that the entire sculpture and every inch of his skin, clothing and shoes were sparkling with millions of golden dust particles! In that moment, Max believes God spoke in His “still, small voice” and said, “Max, I’m pleased with you.” To this day, this “last days” Sign and Wonder continues to manifest in the lives of the Greiners, and on thousands of other people, as they simply pray and witness about Jesus, and His soon return.

The Symbolism

YESHUA MESSIAH (Jn 4:25) Attitude: Isa 13:6-12, 63:1-6, Eze 20: 33-38, Da 12: 1-3, Joel 3: 9-16, Zep 1: 7-13, Zec 14: 1-17, Mt 13: 40-50, 24: 17-32, 25: 31-46, Lk 21: 22-28, 2 Th 1: 6-10, 2:7-12, Rev 6: 16-17, 11: 18, 18: 1-24, 19: 11-16, Eyes: Rev 1: 14, 19: 12, Mouth: Isa 11: 4-5, Heb 4: 12, Rev 19: 15, Hair: Rev 1: 14, 5: 5, Hands: Lk 24: 40, Ac 2: 23, Torso: Jn 19: 34, Feet: Lk 24: 40, Rev 19: 13. Jesus is returning to pour out His wrath in judgment on all those who have rejected His love and hurt His children.

WHITE HORSE (Rev 19: 11) The horse used as a model for this art was a white, Egyptian Arabian stallion, the oldest known breed of horse, which originated in the Middle East.

SHOFAR RAM’S HORN TRUMPET (Shofarot) Ex 19: 16-20, Zec 9: 14, Isa 27: 13, Mt 24: 31, 1 Th 4: 16, 1 Cor 15: 52. Jesus Himself, at the beginning of the end, will blow the “Last Great Trumpet.” The ram’s horn shofar was modeled from the largest sheep species in the world, the Marco Polo, which lives in the Middle East to this day.

TZITZIT TASSELS (Tzitziot) Ex 39: 1-5, Nu 15: 37-41, Dt 22:12, Rev 19: 16. God instructed the Jews through Moses, to tie tassels on the four corners of their Tallit prayer shawl (Tallitot) garments, to remember the Commandments and names of God. The windings on each tzitzit equal the numeral value of the Hebrew words: YHWH Echad, “Jehovah is one.” The Tzitzit will lay across the thigh of Christ, while on His horse. This will let living Jews know Jesus is their awaited Messiah.

SWORD (Iron Scepter) Heb 4: 12, Rev 1: 16, 19: 15. The sword that comes out of Christ’s mouth is His spoken Word. Jesus will speak into existence the events of His “Second Coming.” In His right hand is a two-edged long sword, the “Iron Scepter” of His authority. The sword features two lions, the Ichthus and the earth. It is raised like a banner, as the signal to begin His charge through eternity.

CROWN (Rev 19: 12) Crown of Thorns: Mt 27: 29, Mk 15: 17, Mighty Fortress: 2 Sa 22:2, Ps 18:2, Pr 14: 30, Lion of Judah: Rev 5: 5, Alpha & Omega: Rev 1: 8, 21: 6, 22: 13, Cross: Col 1:20, 2: 14-15, Heb 12: 12, Vine: Jn 15: 1, Dove: Mt 3: 16, Lamb: Isa 53: 7, Jn 1: 19, Rev 5: 6-12, Menorah: Ex 25: 31-40. Crowns represent authority. Jesus will return with all authority to execute judgment. The art features “crowns within a crown” (many crowns). The Crucifixion “Crown of Thorns” is carved around the seven parapet “Mighty Fortress,” with seven symbols of the Messiah’s authority.

CLOTHING Robe: Rev 19: 13-16, Mt 27: 28 The title “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” is written in Hebrew across the hem of His crimson, (blood red) robe. This represents His royalty and sacrifice at the cross. Inner Garment: Jn 19: 22-24. This piece of clothing is patterned after the “one piece,” seamless garment worn by Christ before His Crucifixion. Four Tzitzit tassels are attached to the corners. This garment represents Christ’s purity and perfection. Belt Sash: Isa 11: 5, Eph 6: 14. The belt represents Christ’s righteousness and faithfulness. Under Garment: Jn 13: 4-5. Jesus used the towel to gird Himself when he washed the Disciples’ feet. It represents His servanthood, humility and love.

CLOUDS Zec 9: 14, Mt 24: 30, Mk 13: 26, Ac 1: 9-11, Rev 7:11. Jesus Christ will return in the clouds above the East Gate of the Temple and all will see His glory. The entire world will know then that Jesus really is God.


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