“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Found Maples

Two groves of Bigtooth Maple trees can be seen at “The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden” at Kerrville’s art park.  Both stands can be seen inside a 24.5-acre landscaped park, right off I-10.  

This is the name of the feature which presents 42 Big Tooth Maple trees, at the top of the hill that line the “PATH TO HEAVEN”.  The are called the “Found Maples” because we find our salvation in Jesus Christ.  No longer are we lost.  Click to read more about salvation.

This becomes a very special tourist attraction each fall, when the colors change.   The peak of these colors is typically the last two weeks of November. 

About 200,000 people a year visit the famous “Lost Maples State Natural Area”, in the Texas Hill Country near Vanderpool.  Most visitors come to see an isolated stand of rare, Bigtooth Maple Trees. In October, November and December the trees transition from green to brilliant yellow, orange and red.  These dazzling trees are sprinkled across the 2,906-acre wilderness park, located 71 miles northwest of San Antonio.

However, there is another grove of stunning Bigtooth Maples called the “Found Maples”. They are only 60 miles from San Antonio, and admission is free. 

World-class art and landscaping are also featured.  The peaceful site draws about 200,000 visitors a year to the Hill Country town, from all fifty states almost 100 countries. The garden is also 24 miles south of the popular Texas tourist destination of Fredericksburg.

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