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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Scripture In The Garden

The pure Gospel of Christ is presented to visitors at the non-denominational, outdoor spiritual garden using actual scriptures from the Old and New Testament. The Bible verses are presented in the common language so anyone can understand. All true, Born again Christians can unite around the Holy Scripture and the Cross of Jesus Christ.

1. Scripture Tiles

A “Path to Heaven” is presented to garden visitors using 77 scriptures, which share the Gospel in a logical progression. The Bible verses are etched (sandblasted) on 16” square, ceramic floor tiles. The spiritual pathway begins at the entrance of the 300’ cross-shaped garden, which by God’s sovereignty, is exactly twice in length of the original Tabernacle of Moses.

Every 12’, the “Scripture Tiles” present the Gospel message using both Old and New Testament Bible verses. English, Spanish and German are displayed in the Kerrville, cross-shaped, garden which has a massive, 77’7″ Cor-ten steel sculpture called “The Empty Cross” as its focal point. Believed to be the most symbolic cross sculpture in the world, the blood colored, reddish brown cross symbolizes the Resurrection, the Blood, the Strong Tower, the Mighty Fortress, the Narrow Gate, the Door, the Way and the Light of the World.

The first 39 tiles lead directly to the 77’7” cross and prepare the visitor’s heart for an encounter with God. At the foot of the cross, John 3:16 is the Bible verse they see. Once inside the 7’ wide space of “The Empty Cross”, visitors encounter four large plaques, with four profound prayers. After exiting the massive cross, the remaining 38 scriptures share the basic concepts of Christian discipleship.


A Scripture Pathway Tile

The 77 Bible verses used in the cross-shaped garden were selected after many years of prayer and research by numerous Christians. The final selection process was guided by Dr. Robby Carpenter of Kerrville, TX, a Biblical scholar who is filled with the Spirit of God.

The translation and sequence of the 77 Bible scriptures used in this presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is copyrighted by THE COMING KING FOUNDATION © 2014. It may be used with written permission from TCKF. For more information contact us.

2. Four Prayer Plaques

Literally, at the foot of the cross, visitors are given the opportunity to pray to receive Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be healed and to pray for the miracles needed in their lives. The words and prayers written on the four plaques were given to artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. by the Holy Spirit.


3. Sculpture Scriptures

Each monumental sculpture displayed in the garden features appropriate Bible verses that explain the art composition itself. These scriptures reinforce the Gospel message presented along the “Path to Heaven” presentation. All sculptures in the Kerrville garden were donated by the artists.

4. Dedications & Monuments

At different locations in the Sculpture Prayer Garden, various scriptures are used to communicate major Biblical truths. Some monuments at the garden use scriptures to honor people who have given of their time and resources to build the garden.

Twelve Donors ask you to Join them supporting the coming king foundation

5. Prayer Path

Scriptures can also be found along the 600’ trail that surrounds the cross-shaped garden. The “Prayer Path” is lined on both sides with thousands of small and large limestone “Prayer Rocks”, which have been inscribed by visitors with messages to God. The “Prayer Path” idea was given to Jeff Anderson of Kerrville.

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